November 2021
From  ₹ 270 / day with 24 mo. financing and ₹ 7000 down payment*
Spring 2022
Price varies per application, inquire within.
Summer 2022
Price varies per application, inquire within.
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Power Global Logo
Power Global Logo

Low Cost
High Perfomance.

Low Cost
High Perfomance.

Meet the ravee™

Transform your auto into a high-performance electric vehicle and save up to ₹ 180 a day in fuel costs.*

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Lifetime Li-Ion
Battery Guarantee
2.5 kWh
Highest energy density in its class
15 Minute
Fast Charge
eZee Module

100% reliable and maintenance-free design. Highest safety in its class with patented thermal management. IOT-connected for real-time optimization. Lifetime service guarantee.

up to 165 km
Est. Driving range
12 kW
Peak Power
60 kph
Top speed
Module Bay

Breakthrough modular design combines high-performance powertrain components all in one easy-to-install system. Capacity to load up to two eZee modules. Four years or 150,000 km warranty.*

Touch-screen Display
3 Performance
Power Modes
Braking System
Steering Assembly

Upgraded steering assembly with tactile throttle and electronic switch controls. Center phone mount with USB plug-in. Touch-screen color display. Three selectable drive modes control battery regeneration and power, delivering a smooth and reliable ride. Four years warranty.*

Long range

eOsk Battery Swapping Network

We’re building one of the largest battery swapping networks in India to connect ravee drivers everywhere with our swap-and-go eZee battery modules.

eOsk stations are conveniently located citywide at stores, businesses, and parking lots, accessible through the Power.Global mobile app.

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Swap and go in seconds.
Insert your battery module into any eOsk station and a fresh module will be released.

Host an eOsk™

Protect your business from power outages.

Each eOsk offers up to 10 kWh of stored energy to seamlessly supply power to your business during moments of grid failure. No fuel, no noise, no maintenance required. When a power outage strikes, the eOsk automatically switches on to provide uninterrupted power to your most important appliances and devices.

Interested in finding out more?

Taking action.
Creating impact.

Global access to modern clean energy technologies has been largely unequal. Developing nations are disproportionately affected by poor air quality and greenhouse gas emissions as fossil fuels are often their only option to meet energy demand.

Power.Global is on a mission to improve global accessibility to safe, reliable and modern clean energy technology through innovative electrification products and services.

rickshaws India
run on
polluting fuels
tonnes co2
emitted annually
tonnes NOX
emitted annually
tonnes pm10
emitted annually
premature deaths
from air pollution
Reused and Recycled

Our goal is to create products that never end up in a landfill. One of the best ways that we can reduce our environmental footprint is by making quality products that last. Once our battery modules reach 80% of their cycle life they are collected for reuse in stationary storage applications that support micro-grid clean energy supply in areas of need. This ensures that all Power.Global battery modules in circulation meet the highest standards of performance. Battery modules that are no longer viable are entered into our recycling program where their raw materials are extracted for reuse in our manufacturing process for future products.

Designed and Made in India by 2022

We are creating partnerships with regional suppliers to meet supply chain goals of 100% sourced in India by 2022. By localizing our supply chain we are supporting the economy, creating jobs and reducing our operational carbon footprint. Our manufacturing facility located in Greater Noida is on track to achieve a product life cycle that is 100% designed and built in India.

1% For the Planet

Everything that Power.Global does is guided by the belief that we must maintain a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship with Earth’s natural ecosystems. That is why we have joined 1% for the planet, an alliance of businesses that understand the necessity of protecting the natural environment. We donate our time and 1% of our sales to organizations focused on environmental conservation and sustainability.

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Zero emissions.
Zero waste.